Arena Plus: Chris Duarte's Rookie Impact

Chris Duarte's entry into the NBA as a rookie has been nothing short of impactful for the Indiana Pacers. Selected 13th overall in the 2021 NBA Draft, Duarte quickly proved his worth on the court with his strong shooting skills, defensive abilities, and overall mature playstyle. Fans and analysts alike have taken note of his impressive start to his professional basketball career.

Key Shooting Statistics

  • Duarte averaged 13.1 points per game in his rookie season, demonstrating his capability to contribute significantly to the team's offense.
  • His three-point shooting percentage stood at an impressive 36.4%, making him a reliable option from beyond the arc.
  • The rookie also showcased his free throw accuracy, hitting 81% of his attempts, which is crucial during clutch moments in games.

Defensive Prowess

  • Duarte averaged 4.1 rebounds per game, showing his willingness and ability to fight for the ball even as a guard.
  • With an average of 1.1 steals per game, he consistently disrupted the opposition's plays, highlighting his keen defensive instincts.
  • His defensive rating was 113.2, which is solid for a guard, especially one in his first year in the league. This showcased his ability to adapt quickly to the professional level of play.

Mature Playstyle

  • At 24 years old, Duarte brought a level of maturity that typically isn't seen in younger rookies. He displayed tremendous poise under pressure.
  • His understanding of the game allowed him to make smart decisions, evidenced by his average of 2.1 assists per game.
  • The rookie showed versatility by playing both shooting guard and small forward positions, proving to be a valuable asset for the team on both ends of the floor.

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